A month in Nevis.

A fantastic July spent in Nevis. Always a pleasure with the great people, great nature and stunning scenery.

Wilberforce College

Filming has begun on the new Wilberforce College film in Hull. Impressed with our recent production for Malet Lambert, the good people at Wilberforce got in touch to see if we can do something unique for them.

We’re very happy with the concept for this and are excited to create something special.

School Days.

Work has commenced on the new Malet Lambert promo film. The students will take part in both creating the script and acting in the film itself. We’re very keen on this project and expect to set a bench mark on school and academy promotion.

Snow Bound!

Looking forward to heading out once again to film some ski/snowboarding shots in February.

Mainly using Gopro we will no doubt get some incredible actions shots in the Austrian location.

Best get some leg exercises done….

Footage provided to National Geographic & BBC.

Some of our filming that took place around the Seychelles has recently been shown on the National Geographic channel and will be shown as part of a new series on BBC.

NLBA 2016!

We are very pleased to be sponsoring this years NLBA and once again be selected to produce the films for the evenings event. Finalists will be announced on March 22nd… Then filming will commence!